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Pallet service

Repair and services of pallets, boxes and creates

A complete service to minimise your costs

We will support you throughout the full lifecycle of your pallet. With our pallet maintenance service we will help you prolong the normal lifetime of your transportation and storage aides.

Used pallets and boxes should be checked and repaired from time to time. It is much more effective for this task to be outsourced to a professional company like Holzfabrik than to invest time, resources and money in performing this task within your own business.

  • We offer a full maintenance and repair service based on the condition of the pallet. We provide a door to door service, whilst in the meantime, check and perform the required maintenance and repair.
  • In addition to the timber sourcing and processing, we offer storage, tranportation, in case heat treatment and other requested services in order to reduce your overall cost
  • Our company is also specialized to service pallets and crates in both standard and customized varieties

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