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Production of customized pallets and boxes

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Pallet services

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pallet parts, production
and shaping of timber

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The goal of Holzfabrik is to provide customized packaging solutions for production, sales and transportation companies enabling them to respond quickly to the growth of their logistic needs.

Our customised pallets, delivery boxes, crates and pallet parts as well as a multi faceted repair service will enable you to manage all logistic and storage requirements within your business/company.

Some suppliers consider customer support, precision, care, advanced technology and the use of high quality raw materials as extra services

at Holzfabrik these services come as standard


Where do we get the wood?How do You get quality wood?

more details

Wood harvest

We purchase the wood materials only from controlled forest management suppliers.


Our precise machines yield high volumes with accurate cutting results.


As an option we can turn out air dried wood materials


We provide flexible and cost efficient methods of delivery.

In numbers


of customised boxes have been produced based on the customer's requirements


of wood per month saved due to our professional and economical processing


All our products are manufactured in a 1500m2 sound proofed and heated facility


per day make our employees work dynamic and precise

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