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Repair and services of pallets, boxes and creates

Customized pallets

Stable and Secure Delivery

The pallet is an essential tool in the delivery process and in the USA alone there are roughly 2 billion units. Pallets can be made from any material but most commonly are made from wood.

Due to their excellent design pallets can be moved easily in relatively small spaces, thus effectively reducing transportation and storage costs. Generally wooden pallets are a cheaper alternative to metal or plastic.

  • Don’t worry if standard pallets do not meet your requirements. Our pallets can be customised to match your specifications in regards to transportation type, size, weight and any other attribute important to your business needs.
  • Our pallets are durable, heavy-duty and are produced only from high quality materials
  • You can order pallets from any kind of wood, plywood, OSB plate or a combination of the above
  • They are easy to pack and unpack thus saving you valuable time and money
  • They are easy repairable
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Customized boxes and creates

A robust and personalized means of transport

Our products are a perfect solution for companies that due to size and weight considerations of their products, require customized solutions.

Our boxes and crates can be customised to fit your needs perfectly. This means you can adapt the storage method to your requirements and not the other way around.

  • The versatility and resilience of our boxes and crates means that you will be able to transport and store products of virtually any size or weight.
  • Due their design, pallets save space and reduce loading time, therefore they contribute greatly to cost effective delivery.
  • They are extremely resistant so guarantee a superior protection for your products by reducing the possibility of damage during storage or transit.
  • They can be labelled and branded making them an important addition to your other marketing methods.
  • Suitable for international delivery
  • It can be made out of timber, plywood, OSB plate, board and mixed timber raw materials
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