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The goal of Holzfabrik is to provide customized packaging solutions for production, sales and transportation companies enabling them to respond quickly to the growth of their logistic needs.

Our customised pallets, delivery boxes, crates and pallet parts as well as a multi faceted repair service will enable you to manage all logistic and storage requirements within your business/company.

Some suppliers consider customer support, precision, care, advanced technology and the use of high quality raw materials as extra services.

at Holzfabrik these services come as standard

Our Values

Our versatility

Holzfabrik specialises in transport and storage solutions as well as associated services. We strive to satisfy all your needs from standard products to customised solutions which perfectly match your requirements. We are confident that we can provide you with the best product which is aligned to the goods you are moving and the method of transportation, as well as offering enhanced protection along the way. We are perfect partners for those whose products require customised transport crates and pallets. Our full maintenance service helps you to prolong the lifetime of your existing pallets. In addition to transport and packaging we can provide lumber, and also the milling of the lumber products onsite at Holzfabrik.


Holzfabrik keeps abreast of technology advancements which in turn decreases the cost of production whilst ensuring the highest quality product for our customers. In our 1500m2 heated production plant we combine traditional belt-saw technology with state of the art computer managed technology (CNC). Our precision machinery produces maximum yield from minimal raw materials. This results in benefits for us and the customer; we reduce the amount of lumber used and also recycle the waste products. As a result of our methods we produce pallets and boxes that will better protect your product and are environmentally sound.

Environmental Responsibility

We believe that our environmental responsibility is equally as important as providing you with the best quality wood. The importance of this is highlighted in a report from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) stating that half of the known species of trees are in danger! We believe in environmentally sound solutions for sourcing the wood we use and also take into consideration environment from where it is sourced. Thanks to our professional processing, we save around 1.5 tonnes of wood per month which would ordinarily be wasted.


Our emphasis is on high quality, varied products as well as a professional, fast and trouble free service. As well as the onsite repair, we provide a full guarantee and delivery service. Holzfabrik understands the importance of customer satisfaction and reassurance.

Where do we get the wood?How do You get quality wood?

Wood harvest

We purchase the wood materials only from controlled forest management suppliers

The wood can be sources from planted forests or natural forests. The wood harvest is standing in the forest for more steps such as cutting, pruning and selection to processing. We work only with the best suppliers provident the best quiality certified product.


Our precise machines yield high volumes with accurate cutting results

The high quality and well prepared raw material is treated with great care. Thanks to our expertise and precision machinery the final product will fully meet your requirement.


As an option we can turn out air dried wood materials

Wood will always contain some degree of moisture which can be reduced using natural or artificial drying techniques. During these processes the wood will generally shrink but its resistance and strength will improve.


We provide flexible and cost efficient methods of delivery.

Most of the wood is not processed at the place of harvest, therefore proper storage is of great importance as well compliance with legal requirements relating to the movement of the wood.

Tree type


Strong and versatile, oak is one of the most common wood materials. If steamed it is easy to bend and it is also lightweight and heat resistant.


Pine wood is soft and very easy to process. It has many uses in exterior and interior decoration, furniture products. It can be worked easily by hand or machine (slice, peel, nail, screw, glue, paint). It is also important in the automotive and paper making industries

Cherry-tree(only for order)

Cherry wood is medium-weight and is hard and resilient. It is both strong and elastic. It is subject to shrinkage, but after drying remains stable. It can easily be sawn, planed, profiled as well as cut and carved. When stream-treated it can be bent to shape. Staining, colouring and polishing are no problem. Screwed, nailed or glued joins present no problems. Due to its beauty it is a very popular wood in the production of musical instruments.

Walnut(only for order)

Walnut wood is relatively heavy and hard and resilient. It can be worked easily by hand or machine (smooth, fume, mill, buff), especially for turning, carving or profiling.


Poplar wood is generally very light and soft. It is not subject to much shrinkage, and stable when dry. The tree is fast growing so can be felled after 5 years making it an environmentally sound option. The trees are prone to bacteria and pests, but they are easily erradicated with tempering. Thanks to these positive attributes, poplar is the most popular material for our customized boxes and pallets.


Beech wood is medium to heavyweight. It is very hard and tough. It has good strength properties and high abrasion resistance. Despite its hardness, beech wood can be worked easily. It can be cut, planed, drilled and milled. When steam-treated it is well-suited, like the ash, to bending into form. Surface finishing is straightforward. It can be stained, painted and polished. As compensation for its low durability it is well suited for impregnation.


Lime is light to medium-weight, soft and tough. It has a fine and dense structure but is not particularly strong. When dry the wood is stable and can be worked easily in all directions. It is therefore highly prized for turning and carving.Lime wood can be easily worked by hand or machine. Surface finishing is also straightforward. The even fine-pored wood structure makes it ideally suited for staining, painting and varnishing.


Alder is relatively light, soft, strong and has good elastic characteristics. It is a easy to work with, rich coloured, eco-friendly wood. The bark of the alder tree was used to produce tannic acid as it contains 4.5% naturally.

In numbers


of customised boxes have been produced based on the customer's requirements


of wood per month saved due to our professional and economical processing


All our products are manufactured in a 1500m2 sound proofed and heated facility


per day make our employees work dynamic and precise

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